About eSmart Digital Licence+

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation has developed a new and innovative online learning experience that builds digital intelligence in students aged 10-14, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to harness the opportunities and deal with the challenges of the digital world. Aligned to leading international frameworks for digital intelligence and future readiness, the Digital Licence+ offers cutting edge, evidence-based learning materials that educators can use in remote and blended learning environments.

Play and Learn

The eSmart Digital Licence+ offers an exciting, gamified learning experience for students to explore an interactive story-world. Users are engaged with learning materials, relatable scenarios and guided reflections of their own experiences with technology so they build digital intelligence. By completing each milestone, students earn the badges they need to receive their Digital Licence+.

Why digital intelligence?

Digital technology mediates and augments almost every aspect of a young person’s life, even more so since the prevalence of COVID-19.

It is crucial that young people develop social and emotional competencies, along with technical knowledge and skills that enable them to harness the opportunities and deal with the challenges of the digital world.

Beyond IQ and EQ, DQ (Digital Intelligence) represents a comprehensive set of skills needed for young people to thrive in the digital age. The DQ framework developed by the DQ Institute is the global standard related to digital literacy, digital skills, and digital readiness as approved by the IEEE Standards Board (IEEE 3527.1™).

More than technical know-how, digital intelligence enables young people to use technology in a safe, balanced and healthy way through active self-regulation and self-awareness, and encourages them to communicate and collaborate online with respect, kindness and empathy.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is proud to work with the DQ Institute, to align Digital Licence+ with the DQ global standard to deliver engaging, high-quality, evidence-based learning experiences to children and young people.

Dr Yuhyun Park, Founder of DQ Institute

“The eSmart Digital Licence+, powered by DQ, is an excellent program that is specifically designed to empower children with digital literacy to enable them to thrive in this digital age. It is a unique program that helps inform the Child Online Safety Index, which provides real-time feedback on the DQ levels of children globally. The program will help children, educators and parents to work together in building children’s digital intelligence.”

Supporting all learners

Classrooms reflect the diversity of our society and the eSmart Digital Licence+ caters to individual learning levels. Using the target age as a guide, teachers are invited to differentiate the Digital Licence+ experience for their students by ‘unlocking’ the module that best suits the existing knowledge and capabilities of the learner.

Created with young people

In creating the eSmart Digital Licence+, the Alannah & Madeline Foundation facilitated student workshops to understand the challenges and lived experiences of young people to gauge their understanding of each module area, and find what those topics looked like in the context of their lives.